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Hello Tub fans,

  The ballot materials for this years (2023) Board election has been sent out to all eligible members via their official membership registration e-mail address. To be eligible to vote in the election, one must be a member of the cooperative for at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the election. Eligible members will be asked to vote for one candidate to fill the one open Board position. Proposed wording changes for multiple Articles of the Los Alamos Beer Cooperative Bylaws will also be on the ballot for consideration of approval by the membership.


If you are an eligible cooperative member (or know someone else that is an eligible cooperative member) that did not receive the invitation to vote via e-mail:


1. First check your spam folder for your e-mail account.

2. or secondly contact Bill Myers at for technical support.


It's a known issue that some e-mail servers have been set up with higher security protocols that would filter the e-mail containing the invitation to vote in the election.


Thank you for your attention.

Bill Myers

President of the LABC (dba Bathtub Row Brewing Cooperative) Board of Directors

Have you received your ballot?

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