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On Tap

Tub Beer

Brewed with only the finest barley, hops, and yeast. Sourced locally whenever possible.

Sandia Cider can (5.6%) $6
Hard Cider, ABQ, NM

Sheehan Chardonnay
Sheehan Sauvignon Blanc
Sheehan Rose
Sheehan Cabernet Sauvignon
Sheehan Malbec
Vara Vino Blanco Espanol
Vara Tempranillo

2nd Street 2920 IPA (7.3) $7

This IPA starts with a delicate and very pale malt bill, that doesn’t let heavy malt flavors come between you and seven varieties of hops; fruity, spicey, dank, citrus, and very bright hop flavors and aromatics lead, with some supporting malt sweetness and an effervescent, clean finish that knows when it’s time to get out of the way.

NM Wine $9/glass


Zia Soda: Root Beer, Cola, Ginger Ale
Athletic NA Beer 
Sierra Nevada Hop Water
Bluefly Farms Sparkling Water
Polar Seltzer Water

2nd Street Fluxopacity Hazy IPA (5.6%) $7

 Fruity and refreshing, gluten removed.

New Mexi Lager (5.3%) $6

Just plain beer-flavored beer. Light flavor, low bitterness. Ice cold, yellow, fizzy, delicious. Inspired by your favorite Mexican lagers, but this one's brewed in New Mexico for New Mexicans.

Oz's Oatmeal Stout (5.3%) $6

A rich, full bodied oatmeal stout with notes of cocoa powder, chocolate liquor, hints of dark fruit and some roast coming through on a long finish. Made with crystal, chocolate and black malts and named for our own GM, who remembers this style fondly as being his introduction to craft beer back in its infancy.

Hoppenheimer (7.3%) $7

New Mexico loves their big, hoppy IPAs, and our flagship is a particularly tasty one. Plus...c’mon, you can’t brew in Robert Oppenheimer’s actual backyard and NOT make the obvious pun. A sturdy malt backbone with a new-world hop load that ticks all the boxes: citrusy, tropical fruity, melon, pine resin, dank weed, with a heavy dose of Sabro for weird woodsy, vanilla, coconut vibes.

Barranca Brown  (5.6%)  $6

A tasty English-style Brown Ale with loads of complex malt sweetness: bready, toasty, nutty, fruity, with hints of burnt caramel, coffee, cacao nibs, balanced by authentic East Kent Goldings hop bitterness for a surprisingly light finish. 

Red Shift IPA (7.3%) $7

Enjoy the universe expand around you as you savor this 100% Chinook hop brewed Red IPA. A pleasant and rich orange color complements the toffee malt flavor. Old-school hop flavors of resin and pine with an assertive but clean finish of grapefruit make this a satisfying IPA

2ND Street Boneshaker (5.8) $7

First brewed specifically for the annual Santa Fe Bike ‘n’ Brew Festival, this “special” or mid-tier bitter is named after the early, hard-tired bicycles. Brewed with a combination of American and British hops (Cascade. East Kent Goldings, and Citra), it has a fruity, slightly citrus and bready nose, with clean malt flavors and a thirst quenching dry finish.

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