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Tub Beer

Brewed with only the finest barley, hops, and yeast. Sourced locally whenever possible.

Sandia Cider can (5.6%) $5

Hard Cider, ABQ, NM

NM Wine $8/glass

Gruet Pinot Noir
Ponderosa Reserve Red
Vara Tempranillo
Gruet Chardonnay
Sheehan Malvasia Bianca
Vara Vino Blanco Espanol


Hoppenheimer IPA  (7.3%) $6

New Mexico loves their big, hoppy IPAs, and our flagship is a particularly tasty one. Plus...c’mon, you can’t brew in Robert Oppenheimer’s actual backyard and NOT make the obvious pun. A sturdy malt backbone with a new-world hop load that ticks all the boxes: citrusy, tropical fruity, melon, pine resin, dank weed, with a heavy dose of Sabro for weird woodsy, vanilla, coconut vibes.

Arizona Green
Gruvi NA Beer - Pale, IPA, Stout, Sour Weisse
Lagunita's Hop Water
Polar Seltzer Water
Henry Weinhard's Root Beer

Jemez Hazy IPA (5.8%) $6

If you like hazy IPAs, you're gonna love Jemez Hazy IPA, inspired by the beautiful mountains which surround us. Local malt with loads of oats, wheat, and rye, hopped with old-school Columbus and new-fangled Belma, El Dorado, Strata. Juicy flavors and aromas of grapefruit, passion fruit, mango, melon, currants. Yum!

Grechka (5.4%) $6

Another wartime Ukraine fundraiser, Grechka, like Kasha, is the word for toasted buckwheat, an important pseudocereal they've used for farmhouse brewing, breakfast porridge, pilaf, etc., for over a thousand years. This traditional brew used 35% grechka groats, plus pale ale malts and a little dark crystal malt, Styrian Golding hops and wild yeast. Spiciness similar to a German hefeweizen or Belgian witbier but with a unique and fuller grainy quality.

'Til Death Do Us Tart  (4.4%) $6

Soft, bready grainbill with barley, wheat, and oats, plus five gallons of fresh apricot puree. Very lightly hopped. Tart but not extremely sour, fruity and refreshing. 

4.4% ABV, 12 IBU

Old School Pale Ale (6.0%) $6

Remember those great dry-hopped American Pale Ales back in the 80s and 90s? This sensory souvenir was brewed with special hops benefiting Ukraine relief. Hefty malt backbone with a big hoppy punch described as "strong notes of bright fruit and citrus with layers of spicy and earthy undertones."

Caldera Kolsch (4.9%) $6

Our Caldera Kölsch-style ale uses authentic ingredients and techniques from the German city of its origin Cologne Cöln/Köln). Kölsch Konvention describes it as “light, highly attenuated, hop-accentuated, clear, top-fermented Vollbier.” The essential New World Guide to Beer adds “a definite, but only slight, fruity-winy bouquet...also a gentle hop dryness in the finish, flowery but less effusive than a Pilsener.” But simply put: this is just plain, delicately balanced beer-flavored-beer and you'll love it.

Ranch School Rustic (5.6%)  $6

A rustic farmhouse/saison style beer inspired by the historic Los Alamos Ranch School site on which we're located. Old-timey multigrain base (barley, corn, oats, light and dark crystal malts) with American Legacy Cluster hops and locally foraged wild yeast.

An authentic Pilsner lager with the finest quality German malts, hops, yeast, and brewing techniques. In Greek mythology, Prometheus championed mankind by stealing fire from the gods, but was punished for the rest of his life by being torn apart by eagles. We're also alluding to our backyard neighbor Robert Oppenheimer, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography American Prometheus. Golden and grainy, light bodied, balanced with a delicious floral, herbal bitterness.

Prometheus Pilsner (5.1%) $6