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Tub Beer

Brewed with only the finest barley, hops, and yeast. Sourced locally whenever possible.

Hoppenheimer IPA (7.0%) $6

Our flagship beer brewed with Amarillo,
Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, and Sabro

Magdalena Beer (4.3%) $5

A re-creation, including water profile, of a light lager brewed pre-Prohibition in Socorro, NM. A simple grain bill of 6-row malt and corn provide the base for the rustic flavor and aroma of Cluster hops. 

Irish Pub Ale (5.2%) $5

An easy drinking red ale with subtle malt sweetness and a touch of roasted dryness in the finish.

Amsdell XX Winter Ale (5.9%) $5

A re-creation of Amsdell Brewing and Malting Co.'s XX Winter Ale. A mild brewed with Cluster hops, Pale malts, and corn.

CojonHaze IPA (6.9%) $6

Our version of a NE-style IPA. Double dry-hopped with a Mosiac emphasis.

Primo Pilsner (5.1%) $5

A re-creation of the classic American Pilsners brewed immediately after prohibition. A clean, refreshing pale lager with a balanced but noticeable hop bitterness and Saaz hop flavor and aroma.

Little Bird Blonde (5.2%) $5

Our original golden ale. This brilliant gold, light ale has a balanced field grain and crisp hop character.

Sandia Cider can (5.6%) $5

Hard Cider, ABQ, NM

NM Wine $8 Per Glass

Gruet Pinot Noir

Ponderosa Cabernet

Vara Tempranillo

Gruet Chardonnay

Sheehan Malvasia Bianca


Blue Sky Soda

Polar Seltzer Water

Vara Vino Blanco Espanol

Irish XX Stout (5.0%) $5

This Nitro infused Stout is based on a 1936 recipe from a defunct Irish brewery. A smooth, creamy first impression quickly gives way to a balanced, roasty bitterness with a clean, dry finish.

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